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I need to exercise to heal my pain.

I’m scared of getting hurt while exercising.

My doctor and physical therapist recommended that I do Pilates.

I need to exercise to manage my health condition.

My doctor and physical therapist recommended that I do Pilates.

I want to exercise to feel good in my body & mind again.

I've been to fitness classes and hated them because it’s "one size fits all" style.

I’m new to Pilates. I don’t know where to get started.

I’ve tried Pilates before but it was too hard for me.

I don't have enough energy or mental stamina to live my the way I want to.

I feel stressed out with the daily demands of life and work. 

I don’t like exercising in public.

I don't feel motivated to exercise consistently.

I don’t like running.

It's not just you!


Restorative Pilates Nest

It’s no secret that the daily demands and busyness of life can make it difficult to find time to take care of yourself. When pain and health challenges gets added to the mix, you may feel lost, scared or hopeless at times. No matter how hard you work on juggling life and do it all while managing your health, one of the most important habit you need to develop to thrive in your life is this:

You must create a consistent wellness practice that 

  • Nourishes and replenishes your body, mind, and spirit

  • Fits your unique needs on any given day

  • Fits in your unique schedule

  • Inspires and excites you

  • Keeps you consistent with your healthy habit for the long run

That’s why I created the Pilates Nest Tribe

Pilates Nest Tribe.png

Tribe is an at-home Pilates & wellness plan for real women who want realistic exercises and wellness plan that’s healing, nourishing, flexible, fun, and rejuvenating that can easily fit into their busy schedule.

Say "bye-bye" to

  • Missing out on life because how you feel physically and mentally

  • Undoable & complicated exercises makes you cringe and worry

  • Workouts that you hate

  • "One size fits all" classes that makes you feel less than

  • Workouts that makes you feel exhausted or feeling worst

  • Feeling lost about how to heal & take care of yourself in a sustainable way

  • Feeling awkward or self conscious about exercising in public classes

  • Wasting your precious time figuring it out all on your own and not getting any results

  • Not having time to take care of yourself consistently

  • Expensive gym membership that you don’t even use anymore

  • Waiting for your schedule to magically align with a fitness class

The TRIBE is the fastest, most affordable and convenient at-home Pilates & wellness program for busy, real women like you who want to heal & empower themselves and thrive... 

so that you can enjoy your live with more ease, energy, and confidence everyday and become the most whole versions of themselves. 

At TRIBE, we ditch the all or nothing mindset. We embrace progress over perfection and embrace where we’re at on our individual journeys.  Tribe isn't a fitness or wellness program like all the other you may have experienced. 

It's a monthly membership transformation program designed for women are ready for change from feeling STUCK, HURT, EXHAUSTED & STRESSED to VIBRANT, ENERGETIC, CALM & CONFIDENT.

You deserve to embrace and empower yourself with MINDFUL MOVEMENTS (Pilates) and MINDSET. 

When you join TRIBE, you'll connect with real women, set real goals, and

  • Reduce or relieve pain, discomfort or tension

  • Gain ease, convenience, clarity

  • Empower & strengthen your whole body & mind

  • Improve your mobility, flexibility, posture, and core

  • Boost your energy while relieving stress

  • Create empowering, rejuvenating consistent heathy habits

  • Thrive in a way that fits your unique life and health needs

  • Boost your confidence and happiness

  • Save time and keep your sanity

  • Get the support and inspiration you need every step of the way in a judgement-free environment

Whats waiting for you inside Tribe when you become a member...

Monthly gentle, nourishing, busy life friendly Pilates & Wellness Calendar 

Pilates practice range from 10 to 30 minutes and vary in wellness themes so that you can fit into any busy schedule no matter what kind of day it is

Now available inside the Tribe:

Choose between 2 flexible, do-able monthly calendars or customize your own:

a) SHINE calendar

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 30 minutes/day

  • Tuesday, Thursday: 10-15 minutes/day

b) RISE calendar

  • Monday - Friday: 10-15 minutes/day

c) Pick your own class based ON YOUR NEEDS & MOOD

Access to the Tribe Movement Library  

Workout are designed to relieve tension, pain, stress, improve your strength, energy, mobility, flexibility so you can live your life with more freedom, peace and confidence.  No equipment needed. All levels friendly!

Monthly Mindful Mindset Mission guide 

to improve your emotional and mental wellness so you that you can control your thoughts and emotions and become the woman you always wanted to be

Supportive Community of Real Women

who get you and will support, encourage and cheer you on. You don't have to do it all alone. Get embraced by our loving community.

Monthly, new full length (30 minutes) Pilates

added every month to our abundant library

Convenient, easy to use program

that you can do at the privacy and convenience of your home or while you travel that fits your schedule



So Now It’s Time for You to Make One of Two Choices...

The first choice is to choose to do nothing. And as you already know, if you choose nothing... then nothing changes.  

BUT, if you already know that you want to change your life and have a greater impact on the lives of your family, then your choice is obvious: join us inside the Pilates Nest TRIBE and start your transformation to becoming the healthier, happier, and more vibrant & confident woman you know you were meant to be.  

Simply click the button below and I will be waiting for you on the inside!  

But if you’re still on the fence, here's how Tribe has impacted our members' life:

Before joining Tribe, I was missing me time that I could be proud of. I thought I had to spend on hour a day in a gym or at a class in order to have any success. 

 Tribe reminded me of myself and gave me a workout daily. It helped me realize that within 19 mins when busy or 30 mins if I had the time, I could achieve my goals, take a mental break and actually be happier and more productive. As a pediatrician, I could take my own advice about health, wellness, mindfulness and stress relief. Sometimes, my daughter will do a class with me. She is proud that mommy is “strong.”  

I have been able to improve my posture, relieve back pain and knee pain and have been able to integrate exercise and mindfulness into my daily life and practice. With the tools of the tribe, I couldn’t be discouraged by not having time, the clothes to wear (lol), the weather or having to leave the kids.  

Thanks for what you do Smriti!
— Priya K.
I’m so glad I signed up! Pilates Nest is genius, and well worth the $20/month to have access to these well-planned workouts. Easy access wherever, whenever, and Smriti is perfect in how she guides us through the workouts. This couldn’t have come at a better time for me in my journey towards self-care and love. Thank you again for what you do Smriti, loving it!!
— Amber R.
I have actually looked forward to my workouts this month, and I think I have done a Pilates workout almost every day this month despite traveling and getting a new puppy. I don’t feel beat up or exhausted after my workout. So glad there’s this healthy, feel good alternative.

Thank you Smriti for workouts that are do-able yet with room for growth.
— Carol V.


Get ready for an inside out transformation and enroll in TRIBE today.


Average gym membership costs from $60 -$100 a month PLUS initiation fee.  

Group Pilates class costs around $30 per class.  

One hour of one on one in person private Pilates session can cost $70+.

But you can start right now with Tribe and get instant access to at-home, high-quality, mom-friendly Pilates workouts (videos), monthly workout plan, and more.

Pilates Nest  Tribe Smriti

"Tomorrow, you'll wish you'd started today."

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