Day #4 - Standing Pilates >>> 5 Days of SHORT & SMART Pilates to help you THRIVE this HOLIDAY Season

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Hey y'all,

As promised, I am back with Day #4 of SHORT & SMART Pilates to help you feel good in your body again, gain energy, reduce stress, feel calmer & more present to THRIVE this holiday season to help you THRIVE this HOLIDAY Season.

Today, I am guiding you through a Standing Pilates workout. Standing Pilates is my go to when I want to fit in a quick workout in a busy day or while I travel.

Take 8 minutes for yourself today, *|FNAME|*. It will feel SO good to have this done.

CONFESSION: I do standing Pilates all around my house from my kitchen while I cook to living room to playroom and so do my in-studio clients. :)  We find them convenient for when we travel or while we are staying at hotel.  I am doing standing Pilates this week at the hotel and at the conference I am attending this week.

We love the versatility of Pilates.  Pilates really can be practiced anywhere and anytime, right?

For members of my online Pilates program, TRIBE, today you can

  1. Do this Standing Pilates workout OR
  2. Do your assigned workouts from Rise or Shine Trails  OR
  3. Add this short 8 minute Pilates Standing Workout to your RISE or SHINE workouts. 

CLICK HERE to join me for  Standing Pilates routine.

I will be back tomorrow with Day #5 of SHORT & SMART Pilates to help you THRIVE this HOLIDAY Season.



PS - Did you find Day #1 - #3? In case you missed them, click here to access them.

PPS - TRIBE member, I also added this video to our Movement library for easy, centralized, access and use for now and later.  :-) Treat them as BONUSES for this month!