Pilates Nest Mama Challenge // Day #8 - Posture Power

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Hi Mama!

You made it to Day 8! You should be so proud of yourself. You're doing amazing!

And now lets keep this good thing going with today’s workout, Posture Power!

Poor posture is more common these days as our world is spending more and more time siting, using computer or smart phone, and living a more sedentary lifestyle creating weakness in our bodies.  Our posture takes a toll especially after having kids.  

Could your posture use more power?

In today's quick Pilates, you'll exercise the back, shoulder, spine, abs, and glutes that create your posture to build strength in your posture, release tension/tightness, and get re-aligned with a good posture.

You'll finish this Pilates class feeling stronger, taller, and restored! Sounds pretty great, doesn't it?

Day 8 pilates challenge thumbnail (1).png
Day 8 pilates challenge thumbnail (2).png

If you enjoy this workout, you will definitely love other posture focused Pilates workouts inside the Pilates Nest Tribe such as Pilates for Spine & Back Health, 10 Minute Restorative Pilates to name a few.

After you finish today's workout, check in with our challenge facebook group for accountability and support

Before I let you go, few quick things

1) You can catch up on past workouts here

2) Just a friendly reminder that these Pilates videos will be available to the public during the challenge through Oct 24. After that, they will be reserved for Tribe members.

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