Pilates Nest Mama Challenge // Day #7 - Abs

The Pilates Nest Mama Challenge workouts are exclusively now available for the members of the Pilates Nest Tribe. Click here to learn about the Pilates Nest Tribe.

Hi Mama!

Today is start of a brand new week, a fresh start.  You made it to Day 7! You should be so proud of yourself.

We're we're kicking this week by bringing back the highly popular, Pilates for Ab. 

Today's Pilates for Abs workout is designed to strengthen your abdominal and give you the boost of energy you need to get through the day in just 10 minutes. 

Day 7 pilates challenge thumbnail.png

After you finish today's workout, check in with our challenge facebook group for accountability and support. 

If you need a bit more inspiration to carve out 10 minutes for yourself, here are some members posts to get you started:

"I am amazed at how much we accomplish with your 10 min workout, I always feel stretched and strengthened. Thank you!"

"I am LOVING these 10 minute sessions! I truly am enjoying these workouts and feeling the energy and body love I've been craving"

You can do this, Mama!

If you've been loving your daily quick and effective Pilates workouts and community support during the challenge and want to keep this good thing going after the challenge finishes, I invite you to learn more about Pilates Nest Tribe where there is this and so much more inside waiting for you.

Tribe is more than a fitness program, its' a lifestyle transformation program.

Here's how Tribe has impacted one of our members, Priya: 

"Tribe reminded me of myself and gave me a workout daily. It helped me realize that within 19 mins when busy or 30 mins if I had the time, I could achieve my goals, take a mental break and actually be happier and more productive. As a pediatrician, I could take my own advice about health, wellness, mindfulness and stress relief. Sometimes, my daughter will do a class with me. She is proud that mommy is "strong.""

"I have been able to improve my posture, relieve back pain and knee pain and have been able to integrate exercise and mindfulness into my daily life and practice. With the tools of the Tribe, I couldn't be discouraged by not having time, the clothes to wear (lol), the weather or having to leave the kids."

You can get started for FREE today with a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL when you join by Thursday, Oct 25th. Don't miss out.

See you on your mat very soon,.

with BIG HUGS,