Pilates Nest Mama Challenge // Day #3 - Lower Body Tone

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Rise and Shine friends!

Ready for Day 3 of Pilates Nest Mama Challenge?

If you missed a workout, don't feel guilty or be tough on yourself.  Let go of pressure to be perfect.

Today is a brand new day, a fresh start. Let's keep you moving forward.

Moms especially need flexibility and self-compassion because I bet some days you're just thankful that you survived the day's craziness and surprises, right?

Now lets keep this Pilates Party going with today's workout, Lower Body Tone.

In just 10 minutes, you'll be toning, strengthening, and lengthening your lower body while also improving your flexibility. All good things.

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If you haven't been able to start and want help, post in our private Facebook group. Let our community help you troubleshoot how to make this work for you! Ready to take more action?

After you finish today's workout, check in with our challenge facebook group for accountability and support so we can cheer each other on. We've been having so much fun cheering each other on and help create this healthy habit so make sure you're part of it.

Commit to 10 minutes for yourself today.

So excited to hear you feel after today's workout.

with much love and excitement,