Pilates Nest Mama Challenge // Day #10 - Full Body Fusion

The Pilates Nest Mama Challenge workouts are now exclusively available for the members of the Pilates Nest Tribe. Click here to learn about the Pilates Nest Tribe.

Congratulations! You made it to the final day of the Pilates Nest Mama Challenge! You should be so proud of yourself. 

Take a moment to pause and notice how good it feels to take care of your body, mind, and spirit with Pilates and mindful mindset.  Whether you did Pilates 1 day or all 10 days, it all counts. :)

We're finishing the challenge with Full Body Fusion.

Today's full body Pilates is designed to strengthen and energize your body from top to bottom and calm your mind! In this 10-minute Pilates, you will exercise and sculpt your ab, arm, legs, glutes, and back.

You'll finish this Pilates workout feeling energized, stronger, more flexible and refreshed! Sounds good to you?

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Let us know how you're feeling after completing the challenge in the Facebook Group.

Today's Mindful Mama Tip is to celebrate you! 

A membership to the Pilates Nest Tribe is the perfect way to treat yourself after completing the challenge!

If you’ve enjoyed the ease, convenience, and effectiveness of the challenge and the Pilates workouts, *|FNAME|*, then you will LOVE the Tribe.

It’s a risk-free investment in your health. You're worth it. 

Tribe makes it easy, fast, convenient, and affordable for you to take care of yourself in midst of your busy life.

Tribe is designed to help you
- Make a lasting lifestyle transformation to become the healthiest, happiest, version of yourself 
- Go from overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed to strong, energetic, and calm
- Live the life you want and love

You’ve found your Tribe, Mama! 💕

Thank you for welcoming me to your home, living room, bedroom...these past 10 days. It's been an honor. I can't wait to see you inside the Tribe, *|FNAME|*!

with lots of love and gratitude,