Pilates for Lower Back Pain Relief

Hi Lovelies,

Does your lower back feel tight?  Do you ever struggle with lower back tension or pain? Or do you sit or stand for long periods of time?

You're not alone. 

Lower back tightness and pain are common problems in today's society because

  • Many of us spend so much of the day in a seated position in front of a computer or slouched over a phone
  • Some of us have been through pregnancies which can take a toll on our back
  • Some of us have weakened back due to lack of daily active movements 

The good news is - it doesn't have to be this way! Pilates addresses most of these issues by improving your mobility and flexibility while also building strength and healing tightness and pain.

That's why I've added a BRAND NEW Pilates video for you on my YouTube channel: Pilates for Lower Back Pain Relief.

Join me for this short guided restorative retreat for your lower back as I guide you through the same gentle exercises I use to relieve and prevent lower back tightness and pain for myself and my clients at the studio. 

Lower back tightness and pain is one of the main reasons I started doing Pilates many years back. 

Pilates has truly been a blessing in my life relieving and preventing lower back pain along with improving my overall health, strength, mobility, and energy. 

Lower back issues are one of the most popular reasons why many of my clients start and stay consistent and committed with Pilates. 

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 directly at my YouTube Channel.

You're going to LOVE this Pilates for your lower back to restore ease and freedom back to your body.


Let me know how it went after you finish and how you're feeling by commenting below the video.


See you soon at the mat!  

With light and love,



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