Exercises for Sciatica Relief

Hi friends,

I often get asked if there are specific exercises that can help with sciatica. While cause of sciatica can vary from person to person, sciatica is becoming more common these days as many of us are living a more sedentary lifestyle and spending more time sitting than ever before.

Sciatica is one of reasons I started doing Pilates many years ago. Pilates as a whole is extremely effective in helping to relieve tightness and tension, improving mobility, and relieving sciatica.

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It can be tempting to find one set of stretches that will help but remember the whole body is connected. If you're having discomfort with your sciatica or your lower back - it could be related to your upper back, hips, or feet because it's all connected!

That’s why I’ve created this class, Exercises for Sciatica Relief, for you to relieve or prevent sciatica and restore ease and mobility back to your lower back, glutes, and legs.

Give this class a try and let me know how it goes in the comments below.

Remember consistency is key! Make a plan, schedule your Pilates in your calendar, show up for yourself, and heal with Pilates!

It's okay modify when you need to, it's a smart way keep progressing while healing and improving strength. When you're in discomfort or pain it's important to REST when you need it and ADAPT your movements and strategies instead of completely stopping your Pilates practice. Trust the Pilates method. It works!

And if you have specific pain concerns, don't hesitate to meet with someone in person for a deeper evaluation.

I encourage to pair this class with a full body Pilates class. Every video you find within the Pilates Nest Tribe will address your body as a whole and help you to increase strength, improve mobility, relieve tightness, reduce stress and leave you feeling better than when you started! :)

See you on the mat!



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