Healthy, Easy Travel Snack Ideas

Hi Beauties,

Happy March! Its feel like Spring has already arrived in Austin. The flowers, most importantly, the bluebonnets, are already blooming and starting to cover the sides of the highways and side walks! I hear the birds chirping outside as I teach inside at our NEST studio. I couldn't be more excited that Spring has arrived early. 

March also means beginning of travel season for many of us. Spring break is almost here and before you know its will be summer time. The start of Spring also means beginning of a new season of sports or extra curricular activities for the kids so that means a lot of time driving to and from classes, lessons, and games and waiting.

As much as I enjoy traveling and love to watch my two children learn and enjoy new activities and challenges at games and classes, sometimes it can get a little challenging trying to maintain healthy eating habits for the whole family, keeping the energy level up, and most of all preventing HANGRY! 

The Urban Dictionary defines Hangry as a state of anger and irritability resulting from being hungry. My youngest one is 2 year old and goodness...I think she inherited the HANGRY genes from me. :)  You've heard of meal prepping but snack prepping is also very important in our family.

Today, I am sharing my guide to easy, healthy snacking while you travel near or far.

Can you tell she can't resist?

Can you tell she can't resist?

Some of our family favorite fresh fruits and veggie snacks are:

  1. Baby carrots

  2. Snap Peas

  3. Sugar Peas

  4. Sliced red and green bell peppers

  5. Sliced Cucumbers

  6. Grapes

  7. Clementines (cuties) - travels well and easy to peel

  8. Strawberries

  9. Blueberries

  10. Celery

Our family go to's for packaged snacks are:

  1. Hummus to dip with veggies

  2. Apple sauce

  3. Paleonola (Kitchun) or Granola

  4. Nuts

Trying sneak out a cutie why I try to get a quick shot.

Trying sneak out a cutie why I try to get a quick shot.

I usually prep fresh snacks once or twice a week for the week and store in a clear Tupperware or Bento Box so I can easily grab and go on my way out. I usually place the container in a lunch box with an ice pack.

Rather than looking for last minute snacks and reaching for unhealthy snacks, its so nice to have easy, nutritious, prepared snacks near by for the the family.

These snacks are great for:

  1. Playground play dates

  2. After school and mid-day school snacks

  3. Family road trips

  4. Vacation excursions

  5. Flights

Yes, I am that Mama who packs snacks for the whole family while we travel long distance in cars or planes. :) And the kids usually appreciate it and helps us avoid Hangry and meltdowns!  The airport and gas stations are exactly the place you want to go searching for healthy snack. Trust me, prep and travel with your snack. Your wallet and your stomach will appreciate it. :)

Sometimes while we travel, we have limited healthy options in terms of the main meals but at least we can plan ahead for snacks. We look up grocery stores near by where we are staying, write a list of our go to snacks as a guide, and purchase them on the first or second day after we arrive at our travel destination.

I hope this gives you some ideas for your own healthy snacking while traveling near and far. What are your favorite healthy snacks on the go? Please comment below.



P.S. ~ The snacks pictured in this blog ended up saving us from HANGRY at the ER this week! We made an unexpected visit to the ER for my husband. He's doing fine now and recovering. Luckily, I had these snacks ready to go so I just popped them on my bag before we drove to the ER with our two children. You can add unexpected travels to the list of reasons to prep easy, healthy snacks. :)