12 Days of PILATES: DAY 7

Dear ones,

Happy Sunday! Are you ready for a brand new week as we start 7th Day of PILATES? I hope so.

Today, I have a treat for you. You get to pick your favorite workout from last week for today's workout!

Here is a summary of last week's workouts and links to the workout:

1. Sculpted Abs

2. Strong & Toned Arms

3. Quick & Effective Leg workout

4. Quick Glutes/Booty Workout

5. Pilates for Rest & Restoration

6. Pilates for Beginners

Are you starting to notice positive changes in your body and mind after a week of Pilates? Isn't it amazing?

Joseph Pilates said "physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness."

Cheers to a happy and merry week ahead Mama!