12 Days of PILATES: DAY 6

HI Friends,

Welcome to Day 6! 

Today, I've got a Beginner Pilates workout scheduled for you. Join me as I guide you through this full body workout to kick off your weekend on a high note.

Whether you are experienced or new to Pilates, it's always good to get back to basics and get the most out of your Pilates practice.

I hope you are starting to feel the Pilates difference and benefit in your body and mind.

To name a few of many benefits, Pilates:

  1. Increases strength, flexibility (especially abdominal and back muscles) and coordination (muscular and mental)

  2. Improves posture, balance and core strength that positively effects other areas of life

  3. Reduce/Relief or Prevent Pain

  4. Improves mental wellness and provides stress and anxiety relief

  5. Improves joint health and bone density

We are half way through our 12 days, keep up the great work!



P.S. - If you missed previous days of 12 Days of PILATES, no worries, today is a great day start. :-)