Day 10 of 12 Days of PILATES: It's all about the Abs

Hi Mama Bird,

You are in the home stretch my friend. Only 3 days are remaining of 12 Days of Pilates.

Today, we are going back to one of my favorites and very effective workout that is short and sweet: Ab Workout.

With Pilates exercises, we usually start from the center, engaging your abdominal muscles before movement of other parts of our body.  Strong abdominal muscles not only look great but help improve our endurance, energy, prevent/relief pain, and improve posture.

So today, I want you to get a song in your head as you do this Pilates session with me: It's all about the ABS, about the ABS, about the ABS, no back pain.:  I am a Pilates NERD, I know. :-)

Click here for the Abs workout. It's only 4 minutes.

You got this! I believe in you.

With grace and gratitude,


P.S.  - If you like the Pilates that you have been doing with me here, please feel free to share it with a friend or family and spread the Pilates love and wellness with them.