Pilates Nest Mama Challenge // Day #6 - Posture Power

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Rise & Shine Lovelies!

Welcome to Day 6! Whether you're joining me for the first time or started on Day 1, I am proud of you for taking the time to take care of you in the midst of your life. 

Now more than ever, most of us spend long hours in front on a computer sitting or on a smart phone hunched over daily causing pain in our back, neck, glutes, and strain in our posture. The good news is that Pilates can you help improve your posture, create healthy habits, and prevent health issues caused by poor posture. 

In today's quick Pilates, you'll exercise the back, shoulder, spine, abs, and glutes that create your posture to build strength in your posture, release tension/tightness, and get re-aligned with a good posture.

You'll finish this Pilates class feeling stronger, longer, lighter! Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

After you complete today's Pilates workout,  share how feel at the Pilates Nest Facebook Page or private Facebook Group under today's Challenge post and cheer for other Mamas in this journey with you. 

Now let dive into today's Mindful Mama Tip, be mindful of your posture.  I will share more details about Mindful Mama Tip at the end of today's workout, so be sure to watch until the very end. :)

DAY 6 Posture Power thumbnail (3).png

Keep moving forward!  Only 1 more day to go!


with love and light,



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