Pilates Nest Mama Challenge // Day #4 - Upper Body Strengthen + Sculpt

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Rise & Shine Lovelies!

Welcome to Day 4 of Pilates Nest Mama Challenge!

Let's dive into today's Mindful Mama Tip, embrace progress over perfection. It's our mantra here at the Pilates Nest.

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At PILATES NEST,  we choose progress over perfection and embrace where we’re at on our individual journeys. 

Small steps every day can have a profound effect on your life in the longer term.  Instead of focusing on perfection, focus on the progress.


If you missed a workout, don’t give up or feel guilty. Forgive yourself and move on literally!  If you find yourself waiting for the perfect timing or setting to get your workout done, remember DONE is better than NOT.

In today's 10 minute Pilates workout, you'll strengthen and sculpt your upper body including your arms, shoulders, and upper back to create strong, flexible, and balanced body.


Keep up the great work! 


with love and light,


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