2017 Healthy and Happy Holiday Gift Guide

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Hi Lovelies,

Holidays are here and I am so excited to share with you our first Healthy + Happy Holiday Gift Guide!  Today, I am sharing some of my favorite healthy and happy products with you.

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for your loved ones or something to treat your own beautiful soul, I’ve got you covered.


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1. OPTP PRO-ROLLER Foam Roller

The foam roller is one of my favorite fitness accessories to release tightness and stress off my body and restore flexibility and ease. It’s also such a quick and effective to get restorative massage out of the comforts and convenience of your home. I even created a Relieve & Restore Massage Foam Roller online class using it.


2. SPRI Pro Mat

When it comes to Pilates, thickness and stability are important in mat. In Pilates, we move through many dynamic movements, balance position, and rolling movement so you want a stable and comfortable mat like this one.


3. Vitamix Blender

Vitamix is the most popular kitchen gadget in my house. Its versatile and a time saver for busy lives. From healthy smoothies to soups, this Blender is worth the price. My kids love making smoothies in the Vitamix and freezing left over for popsicles. We have created so many wonderful memories together in the kitchen with the Vitamix. As the price point can be hefty for this product, we went for the refurbished one since it has the same warranty.


4. The Book of Awakening

This insightful and inspiring book is about creating a life you want by being present to the life you have. I have this one myself. Who doesn’t need more of that, right? Oprah named this book as “a year supply of inspiration every day and perfect gift for yourself and your friend.”


5. Oh She Glows Every Day

Angela Liddon’s eagerly awaited Cookbook features more than one hundred quick-and-easy whole-foods, plant-based recipes to keep you glowing every day of the year.  After following her on instragram for ideas and inspiration, I finally got her book last month and I am so excited!


6. TRIBE Online Pilates + Mindful Living Membership

Do you want to reconnect with yourself and empower your body and mind in the midst of your busy and full life so that you can live with more joy, peace, presence, and ease everyday? Click here to learn about TRIBE. Perhaps, you’re already a members and want to share the Pilates Nest TRIBE love with a friend or family member? Perfect gift for a busy Mama.  Click here to give a TRIBE membership gifts.


7. Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body Candle Collection

Elevate your wellness with fragrances infused with essential oil. Made in America, this M&B collection is my favorite candle collection. I use it for the house and the Pilates studio and I always get so many compliments. They make the perfect gift for loved ones or yourself. It's my favorite gift to give all year around. My clients love receiving them from me and their home guests love them too! My favorite scents are “Strength + Energy” and “Peace + Tranquility.”  Soothing scents makes for a restorative environment for your Pilates practice. :)


Stocking Stuffers:


1. Accupoint Deep Tissue Massage & Myofascial Release Balls

Wow that’s a tongue twister to read out loud. I absolutely LOVE these massage balls for massages and relieving neck, shoulder and back tension and tightness. I even filmed two videos on how to use them.

Click here to learn how to relieve neck and shoulder tension, tightness and stress with these miracle balls. Click here to learn how to relieve Back tension, tightness, knots and stress with these massage balls


2. Stott Pilates Flex Band

Flex band can be added to your matwork routine to to strengthen, support, or challenge your movement or stretch. You can also simulate the flexibility and resistance exercises performed on the Reformer with the flex band. It’s small and easy easy to travel with.


3. Rishi Turmeric Ginger Tea

Confession: I am obsessed with teas. :) I usually make turmeric tea from scratch at home but sometimes you just need tea in a hurry and this is one of my favorites. I first had them at a local coffee house and became an instant fan.  I love Turmeric and Ginger for its soothing comfort and anti-inflammatory benefits.


4. Simple Modern Insulated Water Bottle

Most of us striving to drinking more water daily, right? Why do it with style and purpose? I simply love that Simple Modern has committed to donate a minimum of 10% of its profits to non-profit and charitable institutions that demonstrate a commitment to positive societal improvement. Funds are given through a process where every employee and family member of Simple Modern is able to give input. 


5.  Kitchun No Grainola  


The two mamas at Kitchun have taken the idea of healthy snacking to a whole new level with their no-grain-ola. Whether or not you  following a paleo lifestyle, these snack are healthy, delicious, convenient and such a time saver for busy Mamas. All the flavor are delish but my absolute favorites is When Honey Met Maple.


I could go on and on, really. :)  I hope this list is helpful start for your holiday shopping season.


Happy Holidays, Lovelies!



PS - Do you have recommendations for healthy and happy holiday gifts? I'd love to know! Please share in the comment below.

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