JOIN our Fall Health & Fitness REFRESH

Happy Sunday Beauties,

Its time for our Fall Health & Fitness REFRESH!

As we transition from summer to fall and kids are back in school, its a great time to re-establish or improve your daily schedule and ensure that exercise is consistently in your life.

To help you start fresh with your health & fitness routine this fall, I’ve put together a list of my TOP 3 FREE Pilates workout videos and tips on exercising at home and how to make time to exercise.

I want to help you improve your routine of exercising and help you get healthier and more balanced and focused. For the rest of this month, schedule 3-5 days a week to do these exercises at home or while you travel.

We START today, Monday, September 12!

If you are already training with me in person at the NEST studio and revved up your health & fitness plan, BRAVO!, replace at home workout days with studio time in your workout calendar.


1. Beginner Pilates Workout


2. Pilates Reformer on Mat Workout

3. Pilates Full Body Workout

CLICK HERE to access MORE workout videos like these and exercise with me at the comforts of your home, work, or while you travel.

I encourage you to commit to taking a thorough review of your daily schedule and being intentional about making exercise a high priority.

You deserve to make your health a high priority.

I know you are very busy with work and family and your time is precious so I wanted to make this easy for you nourish your body, mind, and spirit because you deserve it!

TIPS for at workouts at home or while you travel:

1. Plan ahead. Set yourself up for success by planning and scheduling your workout time in your calendar for the week on Sunday and print it out and place it where you see it daily like the bathroom vanity or your desk.
2. Listen to your body. If you need to take break, pause the videos and take a break and come back and start when you are ready. Don't feel guilty for taking a break!
3. Make exercises your own by making the range of motion and the pace of the exercise that works for you. It doesn't need to exactly like mine on the video.

TIPS on making time for workouts:

1. Plan for a lunch break workout.
2. Do your workout before your TV screen time.
3. Save kids' screen time for workout time.
4. Wake up 20-30 minutes earlier.
5. Pack your or your kid's lunch the night before.

I want to make sure that you actually complete 3-5 workouts weekly so each day I'll provide a "check-in assignment" to hold you accountable. These check-in's will take place on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #pilatesnestfallrefresh. I'll be following the hashtag and cheering you on throughout the month. That way I'll be able to check in on you and you can benefit from other PILATES NEST birds cheering you on as well. Don't be shy!

Set yourself up for success, believe in yourself and remember I believe in you.

Dive in with full heart and intention.


P.S. - Feel free to invite a friend to join the FALL FITNESS REFRESH with you! Its a great way to also have an accountability buddy (a friend or a family member) to keep you motivated and consistent.