DIY Smoothie, Popsicle & Pouch all in one Recipe

Is it just me or does it get hotter each summer? Summer is such a fun time, especially for the kids! One of our favorite ways to cool down during a hot summer day, morning, and night, especially in Texas, is having homemade pops, smoothies, and pouch.  My kids love helping to make them. Get your kids involved and have fun!

It's perfect for really any time of the day and so easy to make and you can use this one recipe to make all three! Its delicious, refreshing, and healthy!


1. a pint of strawberry, cut into half

2. 2 frozen bananas chopped

3. two mangoes chopped

4. two cups of spinach

5. 1 cup of whole milk or unsweetened almond milk


1. Place all the ingredients into the the blender

2. Select the smoothie setting in your blender and blend

For smoothie, pour over the mix into a cup and serve

For popsicle, pour them into popsicle mold and freeze them in the freezer and seve once frozen. I like to let them free overnight.

For pouch, pour the smoothie into a reusable pouch and serve. You can also refrigerate them until you are ready to serve.

And enjoy! The kids really love having these and get so excited when we make them. Have fun making them with your kiddos!

Do you have your own recipes or tips to add to this list? Please post them in the comments below!



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DIY smoothie popsicles pouch
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