Pilates for Rest & Relaxation

Hi Mama Birds,

It's the start of a FRESH new week.  And I've a got an awesome way to start your week!

My Pilates clients have often told me that Pilates is not just a workout for them, its also their relaxation exercise.  They feel REFRESHED after Pilates.  I feel that same way too.  This is why Pilates has become a lifestyle for many of us and why we are able to sick with Pilates long term.

So I am so excited to share new Restore & Relax Pilates class with you.

In addition to improving your mood, relaxation has many other benefits:

  1. Reduce activity of stress hormones
  2. Reduce muscle tension and chronic pain
  3. Increase blood flow to major muscles
  4. Improve concentration
  5. Lower fatigue
  6. Reduce anger and frustration
  7. Boost confidence to handle problems

Enjoy your ME time Mama and happy Relaxation!



P.S. - If you enjoyed this class, feel free to share the class with your friends and family.

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