Join me for Mindful Mat as we embrace a powerful mindful movement practice that is Pilates. Pilates cultivates ease of movements, strength, and awareness and presence in your everyday movements and habits.

Set your own intention at the beginning of the class so that you be able to achieve what you need for your body, mind & spirit.

If your mind wanders off the present practice, gently guide it back to mat without judgement to develop your concentration (one of the principles of Pilates). Concentration will help you stay present to have a better movement experience and enjoy exercising for the rest of your life.

Your Pilates practice empowers you and encourages mindful movements off the mat so that you can enjoy your life with more ease, energy, and presence.

I encourage you to stay present to what will serve you best today so that you can move with more joy, accomplish your goals and be kind to yourself.

You’ll finish this workout feeling centered, strong, and present.


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