HIPS + GLUTES // strength + stretch

This empowering full body workout is designed to strengthen and stretch your hips and glutes. You will love how this Pilates workout improves the mobility, flexibility, stability, and strength of this very crucial part of the body. You will definitely feel the booty burn in a good kind of way as you build strength.

BONUSES that you’ll appreciate:

  • Gentle on the knees

  • No squatting exercises

  • Most of the exercises are performed lying down on your back or side lying position

This workout is a great way to counter act the toll our body takes from sitting or standing for long periods of times daily. Think of it as your movement medicine for your body.

Although this workout has a focus on hips and glutes, you will exercise our full body. You will enjoy the abdominal series at the end of this workout.

You will finish this workout feeling stronger, lighter, and energized.

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