(( Meet Smriti ))

( Peak Pilates Comprehensive III Instructor , TRX Suspension Trainer Certified,  BBA )

Hi y'all, I am Smriti, Pilates Nest instructor/trainer and owner.  Thanks for stopping by. 

Smriti Dhaubhadel Pilates Trainor Instructor

I am originally from Nepal, home of world's tallest mountain, Mt Everest, and moved to Austin during my childhood.  I am proud to call Austin and Texas my home now.   I went to grade schools in Austin and I am also a proud longhorn and a graduate of University of Texas at Austin.  After graduation, I ventured out of Austin and Texas for several years before finding my way back home to Austin and Cedar Park.  I love Texas and I feel so thankful to be back in Austin area raising our children with husband with family and friends near by and serving our community.

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 I am a comprehensively certified Pilates instructor through Peak Pilates, a global leader in Pilates instructor training.  I earned a Level III Comprehensive Certification after many years of extensive and rigorous teacher training, self practice, and observation . 

I have been teaching Pilates over 7 years and have taught at multiple Pilates studios in Austin, TX and Baton Rouge, LA for many years before starting my own studio.  I am also TRX Suspension Training certified.  I train clients with various health conditions and fitness goals.  I work with clients of all levels from beginners to experienced to physical rehab clients to athletes to Pilates or fitness instructors. 

Each training session varies and is tailored to suit my client’s unique journey and life style.  My trainings are not just workouts,  I train you for your life and empower you to become stronger and healthier.   I am committed to ensuring the best possible health and wellness experience for my clients, and stand by the high quality of my services. 

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My journey with Pilates started while searching for a balanced exercise system to help improve my physical fitness and treat my lower back pains after years of working long hours in front of a computer and developing bad habits.  Pilates has really changed my life, not only through physical fitness but also through body awareness and creating healthy practices outside of the "workout time" helping me focus better, and most of all, feel better physically and mentally. 

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Pilates especially played a vital role as my choice of fitness program for my prenatal and postnatal health and wellness plan before, during and after both of my pregnancies. 

I am excited to share my passion for Pilates and its benefits to the human body and mind with you.  My mission is to empower you with the Mind-Body-Spirit exercise that is Pilates.  Join me on a mission to create healthy bodies & minds together.

Outside of the studio, I enjoy spending time with my family,  taking lots of pictures of my kids with my iphone ;-), cooking, traveling, and hiking.

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