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Welcome to our NEST friends!  I am so happy you stopped by.

Hi y’all,

I am Smriti, Pilates and TRX suspension training instructor and owner of PILATES NEST.

At the NEST, I provide in person and online fitness training designed to help you get healthier, stronger, and more balanced body, mind, & spirit.

The biggest struggles that many of us face today are that we are juggling busy lives, our daily work life often consists of working in front a computer or on a chair all day,  living a sedentary life style, creating weaknesses in our body, causing health issues.

You may have experience with other fitness program where you feel that the exercises do not meet your specific health needs and fitness goals, or you are one of many in the class and not sure if you are performing the exercises properly and safely. 

You may have felt exhausted instead of energized after your workouts or felt that you could not stay consistent with the exercises. If you are looking for a fitness program that provides solutions to those concerns, you are at the right place. 

At PILATES NEST, I provide full body fitness training customized to your health & fitness goals. I am a well experienced  fitness instructor with an extensive teacher training and teaching experience. 

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If you want to get healthier, stronger, feel empowered, supported, and refreshed after your workouts, training that you can stay consistent with, PILATES NEST fitness training with me is for you.

My journey with fitness training started with Pilates to relieve my lower back pains, weight gain, and also to improve my physical fitness.  Pilates has really changed my life, not only through physical fitness but also through body awareness and creating healthy practices outside of the "workout time."

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And that is what inspired me to become a fitness instructor/movement teacher. I want to help you prevent or relieve health issues like mine.

I want to help you get healthier, stronger, and more balanced from inside out so you can continue to do what you love to do, whether it’s having more energy for the day or to run around with your kids, reduce stress, assist you with healthy pregnancy or postpartum recovery, or feel better and healthier physically and mentally. 

If you want to improve the way you move and feel in your everyday life, schedule in studio Welcome Sessions with me in north San Antonio or train with me online with the TRIBE.

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I look forward to helping you move well and live well.

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We're in this together.


It's Your Time!

  • If you are ready to have the guidance, support, and accountability from me to help you nourish your mind, body, & spirit and accomplish your health and wellness goals.


  • If you are tired of having good intentions but not following through and feeling guilty, lethargic and exhausted.

  • If you are pregnant and want to keep yourself and your baby bump happy and healthy through out your pregnancy.

  • If you are looking for postnatal fitness program customized to your postnatal body and help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals.