heal, empower YOURSELF. LET’S thrive & SOAR TOGETHER.  

Imagine yourself healthier, stronger, energized, less stressed, and more present in your life.  With customized training, emphasis on mind, body, and spirit practices, I provide Pilates and TRX suspension training to help you improve your physical and mental wellness. 

I work with clients of all levels starting with beginners to athletes to Pilates or fitness instructors for personal, duet, and group fitness training.  Each training session varies and is tailored to suit your unique journey and life style.  My trainings are not just workouts,  I train you for your life and empower you to become stronger and healthier.

Pilates Nest is also creator of online fitness & wellness workout videos designed to help you improve your health,  strength, flexibility, and feel refreshed and present.


Your guided at-home quick & effective Pilates vary in wellness theme and 10-30 minutes in length! You can do this. 🙌 I believe in you. ❤️

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Smriti is amazing. She’s very knowledgeable and all of my workouts are customized personally for me. She is always very encouraging and inspires me to be the best I can be. I love her upbeat personality! I always leave knowing that I got a good workout in. I look forward to many mores sessions with Smriti. If you are looking for one on one training, you will not be disappointed.
— Lynette D.
What I love about my sessions is I completely emerge myself into the exercises and the awesome coaching. Everything else I usually think about leaves for a while and I focus on my form and getting strong. Not only is it helping my body, but also helps build a sense of peace and presence.
— Phylis M.
I came Pilates Nest after a back injury made it difficult to do daily activities. Smriti created a personalized Pilates workout being mindful of my injury. We gently focused on strengthening my core and improving my supporting muscles to my back.

After few months I could feel the improvements. I learned better stretches to do home and even when I’m at the office. In addition she has introduced relaxation techniques that I have even practiced with my daughter to help her during test times.

I would highly recommend Pilates Nest anyone. Great & supportive environment!
— Poonam T.
I have actually looked forward to my workouts this month, and I think I have done a [Tribe] Pilates workout almost every day this month despite traveling and getting a new puppy. I don’t feel beat up or exhausted after my workout. So glad there’s this healthy, feel good alternative.

Thank you Smriti for workouts that are do-able yet with room for growth.
— Carol V.

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